How Confident Are You in Your Cyber Security Measures?

Two things are absolutely critical when it comes to cybersecurity. There are two important facets of effective cybersecurity as modern businesses do their best to maintain a secure online presence amid ever-increasing online security threats. What are they?

The first is prevention.

Preventative measures include making sure you have a solid system in place to safeguard consumer information from opportunistic cyber thieves. In order to do that, the FSCO recommends establishing and maintaining a cybersecurity strategy tailored to your business and its particular risks. As an example, it is of great importance to use a range of tiered security procedures and protocols to protect your payment system from falling victim to cybercriminals. This includes using firewalls to stop attackers before they are able to breach your network and gain access to your data and other important information. Extra layers of security can also include contact forms, login boxes and a list of search queries.

The second is constant monitoring.

Technology is continually evolving, and while that’s a good thing in terms of ease and convenience for you and your customers, it also brings the danger of more sophisticated hacks like the ones that targeted Equifax and Deloitte. The FSCO recommends that businesses regularly review their cybersecurity policies and procedures. This includes staying on top of new patches and implementing them immediately to fix vulnerabilities and re-establish security—something reports tell us Equifax failed to do.

Still, staying on top of cybersecurity can be time-consuming, and many small business owners are stretched thin already without having to worry about keeping an eye out for potential hackers. This is likely the reason why the FSCO recommends using a professional technical service provider to employ and manage cybersecurity measures.

So how about now? Still feeling confident about your online security? These days, it’s not just credit card numbers hackers are after—but usernames, passwords, IP addresses and other sensitive information that, if stolen, can permanently damage your reputation as a trustworthy business.

Keeping one step ahead of possible attacks means heightening your online security and staying vigilant—and we know how to help. The experts at Merchant Broker can help you choose the right payment platform for your business and ensure that you stay 100% compliant with industry standards. We believe in providing end-to-end merchant protection so you can focus more on your business and less on things like security breaches.

Contact Merchant Broker today if you want to learn more about virtual security and protecting your merchant account from hackers, fraudsters and other cyber scoundrels.


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