Will I receive a monthly statement from you or the processor?

You will receive a monthly statement from Merchant Broker as well as the processor.

I need help, how can I reach a representative?

Please call 1-888-668-0733

Is tax being charged on processing?

No, tax does not get charged on processing. However, if you are renting/buying/leasing equipment, then tax does apply on all products.

Can you help negotiate with American Express too?

Although American Express (AMEX) is a separate company, Merchant Broker has the ability to apply for lower rates with AMEX. However, it is not guaranteed that AMEX will lower your rate.

Is American Express a separate company?

Yes, American Express is a separate company. They offer their own rates.

I have been a target of fraud in the past. Is that going to affect my ability to process now?

If you were simply a target of fraud, and have not been convicted for committing fraud, then you will not be affected.

How long will it take to receive my equipment after getting approved?

Equipment should be delivered to you within 2-4 business days after you have been approved.

How long will it take my application to be approved for processing?

Merchant Broker approval takes anywhere between 2-5 business days depending on the nature and size of your business.

Am I assuming any risk by working with Merchant Broker?

Our goal is to eliminate as much risk possible. The safety and confidentiality of your information is guaranteed.

How are you different than your competition?

Merchant Broker, above all, is about customer service. Not only do we ensure the best possible results, but we make sure the entire process is easy and stress-free.

What do I do with my existing equipment if I am renting it?

If you are renting, all equipment needs to be returned to the processor after you terminate your merchant account. The processor will send you an empty box along with a pre-paid shipping label. Equipment pick-up and shipping is on us.

Why do you need a void cheque belonging to my business?

A void cheque is the best and safest way for the processor to verify that your business and location is legitimate. It is also a secure way to ensure that all of your money is being deposited into the correct account(s).

How many years do I have to be with the new processor if I decide to make the switch?

Every processor has a standard contract term of 3 years from signing date.

Why do you need my photo ID when I am signing up with a new processor?

A copy of a photo ID is mandatory for the processor to have on file in order to avoid fraudulent and illegal activity. It is for both their protection as well as yours.

Is there an agent who I can contact directly in case of any problems?

Merchant Broker always has agents available to help. Merchant Broker prides itself on first class customer service, striving to address every merchant’s unique needs. You will be assigned to an agent who will provide you with a direct contact number and an e-mail address in case you have any questions or concerns.

If I am not happy with the service of the new processor, is there a cancellation fee?

Every processor applies a small cancellation fee when the mutually agreed upon contract is terminated and/or violated.

Do you run a credit check on my personal credit? Will it affect my credit score?

Before you get approved, the processor completes a soft credit check on your personal credit, which does NOT affect your personal credit score

How do you guarantee I get the exact rates offered by the processor?

We do this with agreements between the processors and Merchant Broker. We have full authorization from the processor to control your merchant account and ensure your rates are exactly as proposed.



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