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Merchant Broker acts as your Head of Payments, to modernize your fintech infrastructure and keep you in control of your payments

Empower your payments infrastructure

Merchant Broker is used by thousands of businesses - of all sizes - to accept payments, make payouts and grow revenue

Any payments use-case, we can solve it !

Our mission is to be your end-to-end payments solution provider. We bring industry experience and thought leadership to drive the most value from your payments, for you. 

Real-Time Payments

Make instant disbursements
Payments that settle instantly are available instantly. No lag, no float, it’s your money in real time.

Card Issuing

Issue and manage payment cards
Virtual cards, physical cards, customized to your needs, all with rich management capabilities and stringent security.


Accept and make payments virtually
Maximize and streamline your payments systems to grow with your growing business – all on your timetable.


Accept and make payments with physical and virtual terminals

Point of Sale terminals to accept payments today (and tomorrow) with seamless integration.

Electronic Fund Transfers

EFT, ACH, eCheck, Interac
Enjoy all the benefits that wire transfers, EFT, and ACH transactions offer, plus customized solutions that fit perfectly alongside your business processes. That’s the Merchant Broker touch.

Partner Programs

Integrate with any third-party vendor
A well-documented API and flexible attitude mean your payments system will work easily with partner banks, issuers, or other service providers.

“Merchant Broker helped us evolve our payment infrastructure quicker than we had imagined. Thanks to their support, GFL is delivering better business results. With Merchant Broker, we’re ready for the future.”

CEO, GFL Environmental

“ All we had to do was supply the last 6 months of statements, they did the rest. Their analysis, recommended roadmap and execution was on-point. We highly recommend having these experts by your side. ”

Owner, Rodney’s Oyster Bar

“ Their knowledge of the industry and strong negotiation skills have resulted in annual savings of nearly $90,000! They have also helped with auditing our merchant fees, increasing our security and being there when we need them. Their tactics and approach are seamless. ”

Director of Finance – DL EQ3

Your Payments Department

With payments professionals from every channel and every facet of the industry, Merchant Broker is your ultimate payments resource.

We provide access to industry trends and Tier-1 platforms to accelerate the modernization of your payments infrastructure. 

Partner with us as we share ideas, learning, and valuable advice to make your payments work harder for you. We’re here to help.