A faster way to make and accept payments

Real time payments help you build long-term business relations

People want to be paid, and they want to be paid now. Anything less and you run the risk of irreparable damage to customer, partner, or vendor relationships.

Merchant Broker’s real time payment system has the technology and know-how that lets you send real-time payments, including:

To mobile wallets
To credit/debit/prepaid cards using instant push-to-card payments
Real-time KYC/KYB verification service
Physical locations/online

Merchant Broker supports, instant payments, for everyone

Relief and aid
Insurance payments
Healthcare payouts
Payments to suppliers
Merchant settlements
Online marketplace payments

Making payments secure and safe

You know the importance of payment accuracy and payment security, but a drawn out verification process can negate the very benefits of instant, real-time payments.

So how do you balance security and speed?

The solution is eVERIFY, our secure, trusted verification service. It will cross-check transaction details within minutes to verify that you’re paying who you think you are—slashing inaccuracies, error rates, and fraud losses.

Advanced needs for today's payments

The future of payments technology lies in processes that drive faster, easier, and more secure payments. And real-time payments fit the bill. Merchant Broker’s real-time payments system provides you with advanced technology delivered by seasoned industry professionals. Merchant Broker’s payment APIs integrate easily and seamlessly into your existing systems. And our specialist support makes the process even smoother saving you more time and money.

Want to find out more? We’re here to help.