The power to issue your own customized cards

Imagine being able to issue your own branded payment cards, and the time you would save by replacing check or wire transfer processes with digital payments. Think of the marketing power of personalizing your company’s card with your very own logo emblazoned across the cards. 

Merchant Broker helps you streamline your payment flows with capabilities for:

Physical Cards
Virtual Cards
Prepaid and Debit Cards
Fleet Cards
Small business fuel cards

You control everything !

With card issuance tools and Accounts Payable automation embedded, you won’t waste time navigating between payment systems to create cards and manage the accounting flows.

Merchant Broker’s rigorous control set lets you easily approve and grant card requests, manage cards, and restrict or lock down spending parameters – all in real-time! Our intuitive technology gives you an immediate view into payment flows to let you pinpoint the status of any payment. Traditional card infrastructures are difficult to navigate and costly, but Merchant Broker’s platform takes away the stress and the high price tag. If your business needs to issue cards, our system lets you do it while generating new revenue and lowering your costs – all combined with expert advice and support to get you started.

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