Get the latest gadgets to accept in-person payments

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An easy payment experience for your customers means more money in the bank for your business, and working with Merchant Broker can elevate the customer experience from easy to effortless.

We get it—you want a solution for taking in-store payments that lets you concentrate on selling. We have the card payment terminals that offer just that. Merchant Broker’s virtual credit card terminal lets you accept your customers’ preferred payment methods with an advanced, intuitive point of sale terminal; that means they get to pay their way.

The result? Seamless payments that take seconds, and the smart, hassle-free experience your customers demand:

  • Tap and pay 
  • Contactless payments

More options, more payments

Provide a seamless purchasing experience
Give your customers an easy way to pay in-store, even if they’ve ordered online.
Boost your revenue
Letting your customers choose in-person payments as an option makes it even easier for them to buy from you.
Grow your business
Need to scale? No problem. From a single payment terminal to multiple terminals, Merchant Broker can help you rapidly scale up, or down, depending on your changing needs.
Have a unified vision

Merchant Broker’s technology and easily integrated APIs mean you can manage both online and in-person transactions with ease.

Merchant Broker makes it simple to switch

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