Business and Technological Innovation: Amazon Announces New Echo Frames


A new edition of Amazon’s smart glasses are available to the general public, according to a company announcement

Amazon has advanced from the Day 1 Editions of the smart glasses in addition to no longer requiring invitations from interested consumers. Alongside this update, the company ended its production and sales in terms of its Echo Loop smart ring because it will no longer move beyond the Day 1 Editions program.

“We learned a lot about how customers want to use Alexa for short, snackable content throughout the day, and we will take that with us as we continue to invent new customer experiences,” the company stated. “Customers who purchased Echo Loop will continue to receive updates and support, and can use their devices as they do today.”

In terms of the new Echo Frames, they are available in new colours and have a longer battery life. The available colours include classic black, modern tortoise, and horizon blue. Meanwhile, the battery can last up to 40% longer. A new feature that turns off the glasses also helps with conserving battery life. Interacting with Amazon Alexa on a daily basis is now easier with the improved glasses as well. 

As for audio quality, the product offers improved sound quality when compared to the previous version of it. Thanks to audio technology, one’s music and Alexa’s voice is more clear. Volume has improvements, too. Depending on the user’s environment, the volume can be automatically adjusted to suit one’s needs. For instance, if a user is located in a quieter environment, the volume becomes lowered.  

It should be noted that the Echo Frames VIP Filter still exists as well. This feature lets users select their preferred applications and contacts. “We’ve added support for calendars and group messaging, further enabling you to keep your phone in your pocket without worrying about missing an important update,” Amazon added. 

The cost for a pair of Echo Frames is $249.99. They are also scheduled to start shipping on Dec. 10. Customers who bought the Day 1 Editions are being offered upgraded Echo Frames for $70. 

In order to remain competitive and improve customer retention, companies should always stay up-to-date with the latest consumer needs and behaviors. Whether that would involve the improvement of an existing product or the creation of new features, what a business decides to do may affect future revenue streams and profit margins. 

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