Celebrity Experiences Arrive to B2B Buyers


Recently, sending platform Sendoso announced its partnership with Cameo to bring celebrity experience to B2B buyers. Cameo is a platform that specializes in connecting consumers with their favourite celebrity icons. The announcement arrived alongside Sendoso’s launch of new features on its platform, which would provide consumers with more memorable and personalized experiences. 

By working with Cameo, Sendoso’s customers would be able to better connect with leads via the use of celebrity videos. These videos will be customized to the recipients, and teams working in sales, marketing, or customer experience will be able to use this type of content to gain a unique advantage over competitors. Additionally, the personalized videos can be used to prompt buyers to take action. 

An example of the new integration in action would be sending a unique video message to a prospective customer. The celebrity within the video would then explain why the recipient would be a good fit in terms of a company’s offer. The recipient would then experience an improved buyer’s journey. 

“It’s become harder than ever to cut through digital clutter and make a real impact on customers,” Kris Rudeegraap, the CEO and founder of Sendoso, said in a press release

Rudeegraap added how the partnership with Camero would enable customers to deliver experiences that also work to maximize return on investment (ROI). Sales, customer experience, and sales teams would be empowered to successfully close out 2020. 

“It’s unique, creative, fresh, and helps you to stand out from your competition,” he said. 

The year 2020 has been unprecedented due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, businesses that continue to survive and thrive include the ones that have been able to change and evolve their marketing strategies. The “new normal” requires the power of both Sendoso and Cameo, as together, the companies connect teams to deliver high engagement rates, customer acquisition, as well as retention. 

“Cameo’s mission has always been to connect people through meaningful experiences and engagements with their favorite celebrities,” Steven Galanis, the CEO and co-founder of Cameo, noted. Galanis said taking a jump into the B2B world would help with his company’s own growth. Already, the teams are seeing creativity in terms of integration. 

As the B2B landscape changes amid the worldwide pandemic, business teams require innovative solutions in order to keep up with new needs and demands. Merchant Broker is also here to provide businesses with support pertaining to technological innovations within the payments ecosystem. 

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