WhatsApp Introduces New Shopping Cart Feature


WhatsApp announced a new feature that would help businesses. 

With the addition of carts, customers can now communicate with companies that are selling products at once. 

Shoppers are also able to browse through digital catalogues, pick and choose multiple items, and send their order to the business as a single message. Not only would this make it easier for business owners to keep track of any questions, but also allow them to better manage customer requests while closing sales. 

According to the announcement made by WhatsApp, putting the new carts feature to use is fairly easy. Customers simply have to seek out the products they would like to buy before pressing the “add to cart” button. When a cart is filled with the wanted items, customers can then send it as a single message to the business. 

The carts work in tandem with WhatApp’s catalogues feature.First announced back in 2019, the catalogue feature enabled small business owners to more easily communicate with their customers. When a shopper wished to browse and discover new items to purchase, they were able to simply visit a business’ mobile storefront. 

Business owners themselves also had an easier time in terms of adding items to their digital stores. For example, instead of sending photos of their products one at a time and repeatedly in order to provide information, their customers had access to full catalogues within the mobile application.

Such a feature did not only help make businesses look more professional, but also kept customers engaged via chat. Shoppers were no longer required to waste any time visiting websites outside of the application. 

Information pertaining to product descriptions, prices, and product codes were also contained within digital catalogues. According to the announcement, WhatsApp hosted the catalogues in order to help both businesses and customers save on storage space.

As digital applications continue to help streamline the customer journey, merchants themselves should also take the necessary steps to take advantage of modern technological innovations. Doing so would guarantee that their customers are getting the best experience possible. 

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